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>>> Red Cedar Speedway - August 26, 2016 Results <<<

Red Cedar Speedway Season Championship

Brad Erickson

Menomonie, Wisconsin (August 26, 2016) Friday, August 26, 2016, the Red Cedar Speedway held the Season Championships presented by Snap-On by Aaron Wold and Quality Auto Body.  All seven classes of cars were in attendance as the Hornets, Pure Stocks, and the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models competed.  Feature winners included Mike Prochnow, Mark Gerth, Shane Halopka, Curt Myers, Michael Knudtson, Dustin Doughty, and Bradley York.

The Late Model feature saw Mike Prochnow blast from the pole to a convincing victory 20 laps later.  The caution free event saw Mark Hessler move to second over Pat Doar, and Rick Hanestad.  Ninth starting Mike Keller drove a second Prochnow car and looked very good in a Late Model as he worked on Hanestad late but settled for an impressive five place finish.

The Tim’s Automotive Modifieds saw a spectacular race up front between Mark Gerth and Ashley Anderson.  It was Anderson up high early as Gerth used the bottom to challenge.  Gerth pulled even and the two drove side by side until Gerth bobbed in turn two.  Anderson moved to a small advantage, but Gerth worked his way back into contention.  Once again, he drove low and wrestled the lead away from Anderson.  Gerth went on to win the barn burner followed by Anderson as Cory Mahder, Kevin Adams, and Mike Anderson closed out the top five.

The Johnson Motors Super Stocks were paced by pole sitter Curt Myers who wasted no time to move out to a commanding lead. Although Myers car showed smoke the entire distance, he survived to cautions to drive on to his 29th feature win of the season.  The second of the cautions involved several cars with heavy damage to both Luke Schultz and Tony Falkner.  It was Gunnar Watkins finishing second over Lucas Plank, Bart Steffen, and Eric Olson.

The Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modifieds endured a first lap caution involving several cars as Kyle Johnson was called for the foul.  The remainder of the pack lined up for a complete restart and immediately, Shane Halopka took the lead and pounded the cushion on the high side as two more cautions wouldn’t rain on his parade.  There was an amazing race behind the leader as Grant Southworth, Nick Koehler, and Michal Truscott aimed to please.  Although one last caution for Tyler Werner’s spin gave the runner ups another shot at the leader, it was all for not.  Halopka was the winner over Koehler, Southworth, Truscott, and Travis Anderson.

The Street Stock feature saw Sam Fankhauser take the point on the green followed by Michael Knudtson and Jay Kesan.  Kesan used the low line to overtake second as a spinning Ashley Wahlstrom slowed the action.  Adam Soltis was called for the caution and was sent to the rear.  Knudtson charged on the restart and got under the leader as Shawn Amundson and Hunter VanGilder closed on the top two.  At the white flag, Fankhauser pulled even for the lead as the two raced side by side for the final circuit.  Knudtson regained a slight advantage and won a very close race to the checkers.  Fankhauser was scored second ahead of Kesan, Amundson and VanGilder. 

The Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks were led early by Kent Harmon as Dustin Doughty moved high and pulled even.  The two raced side by side for several laps before Doughty eased into the lead.  A spinning Dustin Heier reset the field and the two leaders returned to two wide action.  Lucas Kallenbach began to smoke heavily and eventually spun drawing a red flag.  The restart saw Doughty take control and drive to the win over Harmon, Brett Myers, Cody Tisdale, and James Thur.

The WAYY 790 Hornets feature was led by a tight five car pack of racers for the first four laps.  The group could have been covered by a blanket as they fought it out for first.  It was Bradley York claiming the position over William Voeltz when the yellow flew.  The restart saw York take control as Jess Seim moved to second.  Voeltz retook the position and closed on the leader but York was fast to the checkered flag.  Voeltz settled for second over Seim, Leslie Jackson, and Jordan Langer.

The Red Cedar Speedway regular season has come to a close.  They will return to racing action for three nights beginning September 23rd for the 37th Annual Punky Manor Challenge of Champions presented by Bill's Distributing.  Thursday night will be a complete Show for WISSOTA Street Stocks and the Red Cedar Speedway Pure Stocks and Hornets.  Friday, September 24, features the qualifying heats for WISSOTA Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Midwest Modifieds.  The 2016 season will close out on Saturday, September 25 with the B-Features and A-Features for the Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Midwest Modifieds.

Late Model Feature: Mike Prochnow, Mark Hessler, Pat Doar, Rick Hanestad, Mike Keller, Mike Goodremote, Steve Isenberg, Buddy Hanestad, Todd Green

Tim’s Automotive Modified Feature: Mark Gerth, Ashley Anderson, Cory Mahder, Kevin Adams, Mike Anderson, Steve Hallquist, Ross Prochnow, Mark Hanson, Jay Richardson, Kerry Halopka, Cory Bruggeman, Luke Schilling DNF, Bryan Hessler

Johnson Motors Super Stock Feature: Curt Myers, Gunnar Watkins, Lucas Plank, Bart Steffen, Eric Olson, Steve Thomas, James Harris, Troy Fransway, Eric Zitelman, Adam Soltis DNF, Mike Hince DNF, Luke Schultz DNF, Tony Falkner DNF, Kyle Helling DNF, Rick Hallquist DNS

Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modified Feature: Shane Halopka, Nick Koehler, Grant Southworth, Michael Truscott, Travis Anderson, Mark Thomas, Gunner Watkins, Mitchell Booth, Clark Swartz, Kyle Johnson, Jake Smith, Denny Cutsforth, Jesse Bryan, Karl Kolek, Josh Hessler, Justin Clausen, Matt Klukas Brent Voeltz, Eric Klemetson, AJ Morrissette, Tyler Werner DNF, Derek Haas DNF, Darrel Hazelton DNF, Jason Richardson DNF, Josh Wahlstrom DNS

Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock Feature: Mike Knudtson, Sam Fankhauser, Jay Kesan, Shawn Amundson, Hunter Vangilder, CJ Wagner, Ashley Walstrom, Durand Peterson, Adam Soltis, Warren Hanson, Jacob Hessler DNF

Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stock Feature: Dustin Doughty, Kent Harmon, Brett Myers, Cody Tisdale, James Thur, Dean Pronschinske, Tyler Lamm, Robert Holmstrom, Lucas Kallenbach DNF Dustin Heier DQ

WAYY 790 Hornets Feature: Bradley York, William Voeltz, Jess Seim, Leslie Jackson, Jordan Langer, Dean Butler, John Wilson, Adam Hackbarth, Ross Hoffman, Justin Lamm, Cole Hill, Dale Holte, Josh Craighton DNF, Dustin Zetter DNF, Jason Holte DNF