Many New Winners in Red Cedar Speedway Racing


Menomonie WI, August 2 – With four feature races left over from last Friday’s rain shortened program plus another full night of racing to present, it was a busy night Friday at the Red Cedar Speedway with no less than ten main events to run. And despite this being the last points program of the 2013 racing season, fully half the feature races, five to be exact, were won by drivers earning their first wins of the year at the track.

Curt Myers, Ross Prochnow, Jason Forehand, Shane Kisling and Chris Peterson all were winners for the first time Friday night as they joined Shane Halopka, Sam Fankhauser, Dustin Doughty, Brent Voeltz and Eric Schultz in celebrating victory.

The Modified class saw two new winners Friday. Myers won the makeup main event after starting in the second row. Following an opening lap pile up right on the front chute that eliminated Robbie Johnson, Jay Richardson and Mark Hessler, Brent Prochnow and Jesse Glenz battled for the lead. Myers made a bold move low in turn three and was able to squeeze under both his competitors and come out the leader. Once he took the lead, he extended his advantage riding the low groove, and as the rest of the race ran nonstop, no one got the chance to close in on him as he drove home to a relatively easy win. Glenz eased past Prochnow into second and held that spot the rest of the race with Cory Mahder making the biggest charge, coming from tenth to finish third ahead of Prochnow and Kevin Adams.

Ross Prochnow switched rides at the break between programs and with a good draw and a fast track, he led from start to finish in the second Modified feature. Driving Doc Cimfl’s #45c car, Ross beat Matt Leer to the cushion and jumped into the early lead, an advantage that he maintained and built as the race progressed. Once again it was Mahder that passed the most cars as he started sixth on the grid and in the late going got past Myers for second. He tried to close on Prochnow in the late going but ran out of laps before making any serious charge. Myers finished third with Leer and Mark Gerth next in line.

Along with the Modifieds, the Super Stocks also saw two new winners. After an opening lap pileup in the makeup feature that eliminated Bart Steffen, Ben Hillman and Gunnar Watkins, Mike Keller pulled into the early lead. However, he was soon challenged by a pack of drivers with Forehand able to find the openings in the wad of cars and drive into the lead. Once in front, he started to stretch his advantage and drove on the rest of the way for the win. Tom Karis moved up from the fourth row to secure the second spot at the finish with Jesse Redetzke, Aaron Wilson and Chad Johnson following.

The second feature for the Supers saw Shane Kisling start on the pole and lead all the way for his initial Red Cedar win of the year. After making repairs, Hillman, along with Wilson, did the most charging in the second event as they both moved up from the fourth row. Hillman made a serious challenge to Kisling late in the race and caught him with just a couple of laps to go. A last lap, low side dive into turn four came up just short and he settled for second at the finish with Wilson next in line. Karis and Eric Olson finished off the top five.

Halopka raced up from the fourth row to win his fourth Red Cedar victory of the year in a tough race with Justin Supri and Grant Southworth. Supri had led from the start after starting on the pole, but Southworth and Halopka caught him, and after a yellow flag slowed the action, they split the leader with Halopka going by on the low side and Southworth up top. Those two then engaged in a tough race for the lead, with some swapping of positions before Halopka secured the top spot near the end of the race. Kerry Halopka made a late charge that saw him move up to the third spot in the finishing order with Travis Anderson and Supri completing the top five.

Two features were held for the Street Stocks with the first one being picked up on lap eight, just as they were running last week when the rains became too heavy. Fankhauser was in the lead at that point and the “Eight Grand Man” continued to dominate as he drove home unchallenged for his seventh win of the year at Red Cedar, tops for all drivers at the track. A good battle for second saw Danny Richards edge out Mike Knudtson, Cody Kummer and Peterson for position.

In the second feature Peterson was dominant. He started on the front row and drove away from the field, opening up a large lead on the pack. Even a late yellow didn’t slow him down as he rebuilt the lead once racing resumed. It was his first win at the track since the 2006 racing season, with much of the gap in time being spent in retirement until he returned in force to racing in just the last few weeks. Troy Fransway completed a tough run when he squeezed out Adam Soltis for second at the finish with Kummer and Knudtson next in line.

Doughty completed a championship run in style with his second feature win of the year in the Pure Stocks. But it was heartbreaker for Mike Grover, who lead the majority of the race after passing Kent Harmon as he sought his first ever feature win. Grove appeared to be in good shape until a yellow with just two laps to go bunched the field. On the green, Doughty was able to get past him and then drive home for the win. Jeremy Dahl also overtook Grover in the late going to take second with Grover holding on for third ahead of Hunter VanGilder and Jesse Bryan.

Only two drivers have won Hornet feature races all season and they continued to dominate Friday. In the makeup feature Brent Voeltz started on the pole and drove wire to wire for the win, his fourth of the year at Red Cedar. His co conspirator in dominating the class, Eric Schultz, finished second with Buddy Hanestad, Jeremy Johnson and Chris Dyke next in line. In the second feature, Schultz bored his way to the lead after starting in the third row and took his fifth win of the year at the track. Hanestad, Johnson, Bill Greifzu and Justin Lamm completed the top five.

Since it was the last point night, point champions were crowned in six classes with the Late Models to be finalized following their makeup feature race scheduled next Friday before the Season Championships are held. The point champions were Schultz, Doughty, Fankhauser, Shane Halopka, Wilson and Adams and they will start their respective heat races from the pole next Friday on Season Championship night. The finish of the heats will determine the starting order for the main events, when champions will be crowned in all seven classes. Race time is 7 p.m. next Friday.



Red Cedar Speedway
Menomonie, WI
August 2, 2013


WISSOTA Modifieds

15 lap Feature – Ross Prochnow(Boyceville), Cory Mahder(Elk Mound), Curt Myers(Cameron), Matt Leer(Bruce), Mark Gerth(Menomonie), Kevin Adams(Cameron), Neil Balduc(Bessemer MI), Jesse Glenz(Cadott), Cory Williams(Spring Valley), Ashley Anderson(Elk Mound), Mark Hessler, Brent Prochnow, Larry Prochnow, Robbie Johnson, Jake Hartung, Steve Hallquist

15 lap Feature from July 26th – Myers, Glenz, Mahder, B. Prochnow(Colfax), Adams, Leer, Gerth, Hallquist(Eau Claire), Balduc, Williams, R. Prochnow, Johnson, Jay Richardson, Hessler

8 lap Heat 1 – Gerth, Johnson(Wilson), Balduc, Mike Anderson(Colfax), B. Prochnow, Hessler

Heat 2 – Adams, R. Prochnow, Hartung(Elmwood), Glenz, Williams, A. Anderson

Heat 3 – Mahder, Leer, Myers, Hallquist, L. Prochnow(Menomonie)


WISSOTA Super Stocks

12 lap Feature – Shane Kisling(Sarona), Ben Hillman(Menomonie), Aaron Wilson(Eau Claire), Tom Karis(Menomonie), Eric Olson(Ladysmith), Steve Thomas(Menomonie), Jesse Redetzke(Eau Claire), Mike Keller(Menomonie), Willie Johnsen Jr(Superior), Rick Hallquist(Eau Claire), Gunnar Watkins, Cory Davis, Chad Johnson, Andy Grymala, Brad Johnson, Wayne Bignell, Jason Forehand

15 lap Feature from July 26th – Forehand(Eau Claire), Karis, Redetzke, Wilson, C. Johnson(Colfax), Keller, Olson, Hallquist, B. Johnson(Wilson), Davis(Turtle Lake), Wayne Harris Jr, Bart Steffen, Hillman, Watkins

8 lap Heat 1 – Johnsen Jr, Keller, Hallquist, Davis, Redetzke, Bignell

Heat 2 – Karis, Kisling, Forehand, Watkins(Elk Mound), Grymala(Superior), B. Johnson

Heat 3 – Thomas, Hillman, Wilson, Olson, C. Johnson


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

15 lap Feature – Shane Halopka(Greenwood), Grant Southworth(Bloomer), Kerry Halopka(Wheeler), Travis Anderson(Colfax), Justin Supri(Eau Claire), Jake Smeltzer(Menomonie), Mike Schnider(Rice Lake), Ben Schultz(Menomonie), Mark Thomas(Menomonie), Ross Fuhrman(Ashland), Robbie Johnson, James Green, Nick Koehler, Dylan Goettl

8 lap Heat 1 – S. Halopka, Schnider, K. Halopka, Anderson, Goettl(Chippewa Falls), Thomas, Green, Jake Smith, Luke Shackleton

Heat 2 – Southworth, Supri, Smeltzer, Koehler(Bloomer), Schultz, Fuhrman, Johnson, Jason Richardson


WISSOTA Street Stocks

12 lap Feature – Chris Peterson(Amery), Troy Fransway(Elk Mound), Adam Soltis(Ladysmith), Cody Kummer(Medford), Mike Knudtson(Osseo), Ashley Wahlstrom(Rice Lake), Danny Richards(Mondovi), Ron Hanestad(Glenwood City), Brandon Baker(Altoona), Chris Johnson(Eau Claire), Derek Borchardt, Andrea Keeney, Sam Fankhauser, Tyler Lamm

15 lap Feature from July 26th – Fankhauser(Rice Lake), Richards, Knudtson, Kummer, Peterson, Soltis, Wahlstrom, Borchardt(Bay City), Keeney(Ridgeland), Fransway, Hanestad

8 lap Heat 1 – Fransway, Soltis, Wahlstrom, Baker, Johnson, Borchardt

Heat 2 – Peterson, Fankhauser, Knudtson, Kummer, Hanestad, Keeney, Lamm


Pure Stocks

10 lap Feature – Dustin Doughty(Ladysmith), Jeremy Dahl(Knapp), Mike Grover(Chetek), Hunter VanGilder(Rice Lake), Jesse Bryan(Menomonie), Andrew Conklin(Ladysmith), Jay Barnier(Chippewa Falls), Jake Hanson(Downing), Kent Harmon(Downsville)

6 lap Heat 1 – Doughty, VanGilder, Grover, Hanson, Conklin

Heat 2 – Dahl, Burton, Bryan, Harmon, Barnier



10 lap Feature – Eric Schultz(Downing), Buddy Hanestad(Glenwood City), Jeremy Johnson(Elmwood), Bill Greifzu(Spring Valley), Justin Lamm(Boyceville), Leslie Jackson(Wilson), Chad Prissel(Durand), Devin Johnson(Ellsworth), Brent Voeltz(Glenwood City), Dan Prissel(Mondovi),

10 lap Feature from July 26th – Voeltz, Schultz, Hanestad, J. Johnson, Chris Dyke(Hudson), D. Prissel, C. Prissel, D. Johnson, Greifzu, Brendon Uetz(Menomonie)

6 lap Heat 1 – Hanestad, Voeltz, Schultz, D. Prissel, D. Johnson, Jackson, Uetz

Heat 2 – J. Johnson, Dyke, Lamm, Greifzu, C. Prissel

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