Prochnow Edges Redetzke


Menomonie WI, July 19 – Mike Prochnow edged out Jake Redetzke in a nonstop Late Model headliner to highlight the racing action Friday night at the Red Cedar Speedway. Other winners on a lovely night for dirt track racing in West Central Wisconsin were Kevin Adams, Tom Karis, Shane Halopka, Sam Fankhauser, Dustin Doughty and Brent Voeltz.

Prochnow and Redetzke shared the front row for the Late Model finale with Prochnow getting the jump on the green flag. However, Redetzke quickly dove to the low side of the track and grabbed the top spot from Prochnow. They weren’t done battling yet however, as Prochnow returned the favor and retook the top spot. After that, the rest of the twenty lap event saw Redetzke try every trick in the book to again take the top spot but Prochnow would have none of it, continuing to roll along in the front spot.

Several times Redetzke would get to the rear bumper of Prochnow but each time Mike had just enough momentum to hold off Jake, who tried both high and low to no avail. On the last lap Redetzke tucked low and tried to wedge himself under Prochnow but Mike had the low line covered and Redetzke had to settle for tailgating Prochnow to the finish line. For Prochnow, it was a division leading third win of the year at Red Cedar. A.J. Diemel closed on the leaders at the end but had to settle for third with John Kaanta and Rick Hanestad completing the top five.

Adams quickly moved to the front to take control of the Modified feature event. Steve Hallquist took the initial lead from the pole but Adams moved up rapidly to make it a three wide battle for second along with Mark Gerth and Cory Williams. Adams was able to shoot between the other two cars and then drift up to the high side of the track. He blasted down the front chute and moved past Hallquist to take over the lead. Once in front, he quickly put distance on the field as the race remained under the green flag.
The battle turned to second with Gerth and then Williams able to gain a position while Ashley Anderson also moved in to challenge for position.

As Adams moved away from the field, Gerth first battled with Anderson and then Williams for second but both times he held them off and continued to run second. Adams had most of a straightaway lead at the finish as he took his third Red Cedar win of the year with Gerth, Williams, Anderson and Cory Mahder next in line.

Karis held off a strong late charge from Ben Hillman to take his second Super Stock feature win of the year at the Dunn County oval. Jason Forehand and Mike Keller battled for the lead early before Keller established himself as the race leader. Karis was on the move from the second row and using the high side of the track he closed on Keller, finally making the pass for the lead down the front chute. It took Hillman a while to break loose from traffic but he eventually moved up from the fourth row and started to close on the leader.

As the laps ran down, Ben really picked up the pace and rapidly began to close on Karis. As the white flag waved, Hillman caught the leader but with both running the high side, Hillman had to try a different groove on the final tour. He dove low in turn three and eased up beside Karis, but his car wouldn’t stick and Karis motored away from him as they raced to the checkered and Hillman had to settle for second. Keller raced home third with Aaron Wilson and Jesse Redetzke next in line.

Shane Halopka had a good battle with his brother Kerry and Jake Smeltzer before laying claim to his third Midwest Modified feature win, a division high at the speedway. Smeltzer was the early leader of the race with Travis Anderson, Mike Truscott and the brothers Halopka all battling behind him for position and jockeyed for track rights. Anderson found an opening on the low side of the track and barreled up to second but Smelzer remained strong and refused to yield the lead. A couple of spins slowed the action and on the third try a big stack up occurred in turn one with the cars of Anderson, Justin Supri and Ben Schultz all being eliminated from the race.

The move then occurred on the green as both Shane and Kerry Halopka were able to split the leader with Shane then taking over the lead. Kerry was held off by Smeltzer and the remainder of the race saw those two battle for second as Shane pulled away from the pack.

Shane continued to increase his lead while Smeltzer had his best run of the year, holding off Kerry Halopka for second with Truscott and Grant Southworth finishing behind them.

Fankhauser continued his powerhouse year at the Red Cedar Speedway, winning a track leading sixth feature race already this year. It was a hard fight though and it took a strong late race change to overcome Ron Hanestad for the win.

Troy Fransway took the early lead but he was overtaken by Adam Soltis , who was looking for his first win of the year. However, Hanestad had moved to the cushion and found that line to his liking as he moved in and then over took Soltis for the lead. It took Fankhauser a few laps to find his line, but once he did so he steadily closed on the top two. He drove past Soltis and then closed on Hanestad as the race neared its conclusion. Ron tried his hardest but he couldn’t hold off the charge of Fankhauser as Sam drove underneath him and took over the top spot with just a couple laps left. He expanded it on the final lap to take the win with Hanestad, Soltis, Fransway and Derek Borchardt chasing.

Doughty was the lone first time winner as he held off some strong competitors to take his initial Pure Stock win of 2013 at Red Cedar. Jake Hanson was the early leader of the race with a giant wad of cars battling for position right behind him. Trying to move up besides Doughty were George Richards, Jeremy Dahl and Jason Havel among others. However, Hanson continued to hold on to the lead until lap six when he lost control and spun right on the front chute with everyone able to avoid him.

Doughty inherited the lead on the restart but he was also challenged hard, just as Hanson had been. Richards found the second spot with both Havel and Dahl also battling hard to move up. On the final lap, Richards pulled to the rear bumper of Doughty and when Dustin slowed to protect the low side in turn three, a chain reaction bumper collision occurred among some of the leaders, resulting in a wild scramble to the finish. Doughty was ahead of it all as he raced home for the win with Dahl taking second at the line ahead of Richards, Hunter VanGilder and Havel.

Voeltz fell back early but then recovered to win his third Hornet feature of the year and wrap up the night of racing. Jeremy Johnson found the lead early after starting in the front row with Eric Schultz moving into second. However, Voeltz picked up the pace and after passing Schultz for second, also drove past Johnson to take over the lead. Johnson continued to pressure him but Voeltz was up to the task as he raced on for the win. Schultz had to settle for third with Buddy Hanestad and Andrew Lee next in line.

Next week, dirt track racing will take place on Friday night, July 26th during the Dunn County Fair, which dates back to 1885. Admission to the races will be just $5 for adults with the show being sponsored by Tractor Central and WAXX 104.5. There is a $2 admission fee to the Fair after 4 p.m. on Friday with more information available on the speedway website at



Red Cedar Speedway
Menomonie WI
July 19, 2013


WISSOTA Late Models

20 lap Feature – Mike Prochnow(Menomonie), Jake Redetzke(Eau Claire), A.J. Diemel(Elk Mound), John Kaanta(Elk Mound), Rick Hanestad(Boyceville), Scott Gilberts(Menomonie), Chad Mahder(Eau Claire), Greg Nippoldt(Roberts), Ricky Peterson(Eau Claire)

8 lap Heat – Hanestad, Prochnow, Gilberts, Redetzke, Diemel, Kaanta, Mahder, Nippoldt, Peterson


WISSOTA Modifieds

18 lap Feature – Kevin Adams(Cameron), Mark Gerth(Menomonie), Cory Williams(Spring Valley), Ashley Anderson(Elk Mound), Cory Mahder(Elk Mound), Jesse Glenz(Cadott), Mark Hessler(Menomonie), Jay Richardson(Spring Valley), Mike Anderson(Colfax), Steve Hallquist(Eau Claire), Dave Baxter, Robbie Johnson, Mark Hanson, Brent Prochnow

8 lap Heat 1 – M. Anderson, Hallquist, Adams, Gerth, Glenz, Hessler, Hanson

Heat 2 – Richardson, Mahder, A. Anderson, Williams, Baxter(Eau Claire), Prochnow, Johnson


WISSOTA Super Stocks

18 lap Feature – Tom Karis(Menomonie), Ben Hillman(Menomonie), Mike Keller(Menomonie), Aaron Wilson(Eau Claire), Jesse Redetzke(Eau Claire), Cory Davis(Turtle Lake), Brad Johnson(Wilson), Gunnar Watkins(Elk Mound), Steve Thomas(Menomonie), Jason Forehand(Eau Claire), Rick Hallquist

8 lap Heat 1 – Karis, Wilson, Keller, Forehand, Watkins, Johnson

Heat 2 – Redetzke, Thomas, Hillman, Hallquist(Eau Claire), Davis


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

15 lap Feature – Shane Halopka(Greenwood), Jake Smeltzer(Menomonie), Kerry Halopka(Wheeler), Mike Truscott(Chippewa Falls), Grant Southworth(Bloomer), Luke Shackleton(Menomonie), Mark Thomas(Menomonie), Mike Schnider(Rice Lake), Travis Anderson(Colfax), Ben Schultz(Menomonie), Justin Supri, Jason Richardson, Jake Smith

8 lap Heat 1 – Truscott, K. Halopka, Anderson, S. Halopka, Smith(Eau Claire), Shackleton, Richardson

Heat 2 – Schultz, Supri(Eau Claire), Southworth, Smeltzer, Schnider, Thomas


WISSOTA Street Stocks

15 lap Feature – Sam Fankhauser(Rice Lake), Ron Hanestad(Glenwood City), Adam Soltis(Ladysmith), Troy Fransway(Elk Mound), Derek Borchardt(Bay City), Andrea Keeney(Ridgeland), Chris Peterson(Amery)

8 lap Heat – Hanestad, Fransway, Fankhauser, Peterson, Soltis, Borchardt, Tyler Lamm, Keeney


Pure Stocks

10 lap Feature – Dustin Doughty(Ladysmith), Jeremy Dahl(Knapp), George Richards(Mondovi), Hunter VanGilder(Rice Lake), Jason Havel(Rice Lake), Randy Burton(Menomonie), Jesse Bryan(Menomonie), Kent Harmon(Downsville), Andrew Conklin(Ladysmith), Jake Hanson(Downing)

6 lap Heat 1 – Burton, Doughty, Havel, Hanson, Conklin

Heat 2 – Dahl, Richards, VanGilder, Bryan, Harmon



10 lap Feature – Brent Voeltz(Glenwood City), Jeremy Johnson(Elmwood), Eric Schultz(Downing), Buddy Hanestad(Glenwood City), Andrew Lee(Colfax), Dan Prissel(Mondovi), Joseph Kurschner((Wheeler), Bill Greifzu(Spring Valley)

6 lap Heat – Voeltz, Schultz, J. Johnson, Hanestad, Prissel, Lee, Kurschner, Greifzu, Devin Johnson

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